Turning dreams
into reality

Delivering lifelong learning has a lasting impact for every child and delivers life-changing meaning to everyone who works here.

In an ever-changing world, early years education plays a vital part in helping children learn about the world around them and learn to turn their wildest dreams into reality. You’ll be the spark that unleashes this creativity and imagination. Helping the children you look after to find their voice, develop their listening skills and start their individual journey to independent thought and action. As part of a multi-skilled team, we’ll support you every step of the way to turn your career dreams into a bright future.

There are very few jobs as rewarding as working in a nursery. Whatever part you play, you’ll have the opportunity to make a life-impacting change on every child that we look after. We believe nurseries are more important than ever before. It’s where the next generation are learning to make friends, master their art of listening, unleash their creativity, become independent, fly to the moon and make it back for tea. It’s also where families come together, a home away from home for our parents and teams.

We invest in our team’s learning, personal and professional development and wellbeing and we are committed to give Early Years Educators the respect they deserve.

children play with water toys

Every team member in N family is here to support you to achieve your career dreams and aspirations.

You always remember a teacher who made a difference. I want to be that difference to my children.

I love it here, we’re one big family. I wouldn’t change this for the world.

N have paid for my qualification and really helped me on my personal journey. They are like my family.

There is a wow factor about N Family that draws you in. It's so unique here.

Everyone at N Family is passionate about education. We strive to be the best and maintain outstanding standards.

Something for everyone

At N Family Club, we’re all about supporting dreams of all sizes. We focus on supporting each team member, no matter their level, with individual goal-setting, regular meetings, and performance reviews. It’s all about giving you the chance to hone your skills and grab the qualifications needed to take that next exciting step in your career.

Some of our team members opt for the leadership route, while others find their sweet spot specialising, becoming absolute pros in something that truly lights up their world. The lineup of roles is incredible.

You know the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”? Well, in our world, it’s a tight-knit and proud family of experts. Check out the illustration of roles below and dive into where you might fit in.  However, this isn’t the whole story – the possibilities are vast, and your journey might just take you from a nursery role to one in our Support Office!

Ready to explore? Take a peek at the roles below and discover where you could make your mark in our world!