Rewarding our dream team

It takes special people to shape big dreams. People who care and make a huge effort every day. In return, we offer a range of benefits to reward the hard work of our dream teams.

Why join N?

Our teams are supported personally and developed professionally, giving them all the necessary tools to provide outstanding care for our dreamers, big and small.

We care about our N team members as individuals – they work hard and are valued and rewarded for it. From industry leading salaries and a refreshed approach to flexibility for better work-life balance, to around the world trips and lifelong learning through the N Academy. Our benefits are there to support every dream at every stage of life.

We’ve now launched our 2024 benefits with great new additions for our teams. Explore more in our Benefit Reports for Support Office, Flexi Bank team and Nursery teams.

2024 Salary Report

We know that our educators do the most important job in the world; it’s a job that can be tiring and involves superhero levels of energy and enthusiasm. Whether you need additional flexibility to spend time with your family, to study, or for any other reason, we want to support it and, in doing so, support your wellbeing.

So for 2022, we’ve created N-Flex, a new kind of full-time working week, which allows all team members working in ratio to choose between our brand new 4-day, 36-hour week, the classic 5-day, 40-hour week, or perhaps doing something in between with our 36-hour +flexi-overtime offer. Whatever you decide, you are in the driving seat.

36 is the new 40

Our standard weekly hours are now 36 hours over 4 days (4 x 9 hour days), offering you a whole day every week to pursue other interests, relax, or spend time with your family.

The classic 40

If you’d prefer to remain with a 40-hour contract, or simply can’t work long days because of other commitments, you can absolutely stay as you are. Our promise to you is that you will get out on time, every day.

36 hours + flexi overtime

If you like the idea of 4 days, but think you might want to work 40 hours some weeks, why not explore flexi-overtime, payable at your standard hourly rate. This enables you to retain flexibility, but also pick up additional hours and pay as and when you want.

Round the world trip

To thank our teams for their incredible dedication, we reward 5 years’ service with 2 weeks of additional holiday and a bonus to go on a dream trip. And after 10 years, it’s off to dream destination number 2!

Leading pay and bonuses

We offer an industry leading pay and bonus structure to look after our amazing people.

Enhanced training: The N Academy

We believe in lifelong learning, daring to dream and empowering our people to succeed.

Extra leave days

Enjoy a ‘me day’ off – whether it’s for your birthday, a religious festivity or just to recharge – and 3 days off between Christmas and New Year, on us!

Nursery discount

All our permanent team members receive a 40% discount on their nursery fees if their child joins N Family Club. And guess what? You can now pay your nursery fees through salary exchange.


We are committed to making sure your financial, mental and physical well-being are looked after. Enjoy gym membership discounts, mindfulness and financial wellbeing apps and more!

We’ve now launched our 2024 benefits with great new additions for our teams.
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