The N Academy

We’re as keen to develop our people as we are to develop the children we look after. From Apprenticeships to Management and Leadership programmes, we look after, and care for, the futures of everyone who works here.

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Making every career dream a reality

Whether you want to fast-track to the highest level, or become the expert in the work you love doing, we’ll support your dreams with training and development that helps you become the best version of you.

We’ve set our sights on becoming the highest quality, and most loved, early years education group in the UK and have the opportunity to impact thousands of children and families. To do that, we’ve developed an approach to training and development that leaves no stone unturned in our pursuit of building the best team. From your N-duction to continued professional development and from N Academy – our dedicated development hub – to accreditation and external recognition, whatever you want to be the best at, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

The N Academy

The N Academy is our dedicated learning & development platform. We know the positive power of a blended approach to learning and we apply the same methodology to career development as we do to children’s education.

N Family Foundations Awards

Getting off to a great start makes for a great career. Our extensive N-duction and learning will equip you with all the essential skills to excel in your role.

Continued professional development

From INSET days to in-depth discovery of our bespoke curriculum and the latest developments in behaviour and education, our focus is on helping you develop in every way.


Developing experts in every aspect of education is part of our determination to be seen as the very best. If you want to focus on areas such as Forest School, Atelierista, Team happiness or Mental Health, we help you become the expert you’ve always dreamed of.

External & Accredited Training

As well as internal development programmes, we also focus on training and development that is externally recognised and accredited. From Apprenticeships to Professional and Leadership qualifications, we support the development of all.

Coaching & Mentoring

During and following your induction, the management team will act as a fantastic coach to you every day. You will also be assigned a mentor to learn together and develop faster.

Leadership Programmes

We offer a range of Leadership Programmes that provide opportunities to learn about yourself and others. The programmes provide stretch and challenge for those looking to progress.

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