We’re rethinking
early years

Listening to experts and parents and learning through the experiences of children, we’ve created a progressive learning programme that benefits every child and supports every team member in every role.

Our vision and purpose inspires each and every one of us to bring the love of learning to life every day.

We want to be the highest quality, and most loved, early years education group in the UK. Our vision – our dream – keeps our focus on the future and helps us make decisions that are high on quality and centre around a love of learning. And everyone who works here supports and develops the next generation to reach their full potential in an ever-changing world. This shared purpose guides our everyday actions and behaviours – even when nobody’s watching. And helps everyone to stay focused on making the most of every incredible opportunity to inspire every child.

The N Approach

With the help of leading experts, we’ve designed our own unique method to guide our work with children and families. We call it The N Approach and it is based on seven core strands:

Experiential play

Advised by early years expert, the late Dr David Whitbread, we have ensured that play is core to our learning. We deliver our curriculum through play-based experiences, designed to encourage our children to explore and thrive.

Educated educators

There is a direct link between the quality of education that our educators receive and the quality of education that they provide. We created the N Academy to support our educators with their personal and professional development.

Bespoke curriculum

Our learning programme is designed from scratch and is bespoke to each child, based on development, needs and interests. It is devised on a daily basis through our personalised planning process.

Inspired teaching

Specific teaching strategies, influenced by our philosophical foundations are used to ignite imagination and curiosity in the children and allow them to learn through a variety of mediums.

Family & community focused

Family is at the core of everything we do. Through our monthly programme of events, families are supported with a range of key parenting and childhood milestones and are given an opportunity to make friends and build community.

Imaginative spaces

Every element of our nurseries are designed through the gaze of a child and their family. Our aim is to create an immediate sense of awe and wonder for every child, and every parent, that walks through the door.

Philosophical foundations & emerging evidence

We incorporate the latest in scientific and modern thinking on child development and behaviour with influences from a vast array of early years theorists and philosophies, including Reggio Emilia, Jerome Bruner, The Montessori Method and Forest School.

We have our own curriculum

We believe that the best education prepares children to thrive in a rapidly changing world. This preparation for learning about the way the world works is at the heart of the N Curriculum. Designed by us and delivered through the rich experiences of every child, we focus on four key aspects.

Holistic health

Holistic health supports the wellbeing of every child and every family. We consider and develop the physical, mental, emotional, social and intellectual needs of every child.


The freedom to explore ideas leads to children who are confident to express who they are and what thoughts they have. Self-expression is a foundation for every future.

Global responsibility

The best form of education is the one that prepares children for an ever-changing world. This awareness is key to encouraging responsibility, empathy and ideas as a global citizen.

Inventive ideas

Inventive minds. Big dreams. Ideas that change the world? Why not? Creativity and invention are at the heart of child-centred learning and play.

Making a positive impact

Our Impact Strategy is our commitment to preparing children for life in the modern world through our work with them and with the people, communities and planet that make up their world. We know the way we treat our world today will affect the lives of generations to come, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our impact strategy focuses our efforts in 3 main areas:

  • Positive futures

    We’re committed to creating an environment that fosters creative, caring and collaborative thinking. We want to help educate children and those around us about the importance of community support, environmental aims and sustainability focus. By focusing on the changing world around us we can help every child prepare for a better world.

  • People

    Without the passion and drive of everyone who works here, we wouldn’t be here. That’s why we work so hard to create a welcoming and positive work environment, pay competitive salaries and bonuses at every level.

    We know the benefit of flexible working, getting together just for fun and simple things like free lunches. Most importantly, we’re committed to the highest level of training, the best support for life inside and outside work and creating the most inclusive team.

  • Planet

    Climate change will impact the next-generation more than any other that’s gone before. That’s why we want to do everything we can to educate everyone and fight climate change together.

    Through Eco-Schools and through our Impact Champions, we’re sharing ideas and promoting conversations within the team. Our aim, at all levels, is to make a positive, sustainable and environmentally-focused difference for all.