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*How to launch your career in Early Years

1st August

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Calling all dreamers and adventurers!

If you’re looking for a fun, rewarding and meaningful career, Early Years is the destination and this free Club Talks event is your first step.

Why Early Years? In an ever-changing world, Early Years education plays a vital part in helping children learn about the world around them and learn to turn their wildest dreams into reality. As an Early Years Educator, you’re like being an astronaut, explorer, and artist all at once. Fuelled by your passion and creativity, you’ll have the opportunity to make a life-impacting change on every child you look after. Who wouldn’t want to be the spark that unleashes this creativity and imagination? ✨

Why Club Talks? This free event will help you make sense of this world of opportunity as a panel of experts talk you through the realities of apprenticeships. Here, N Family Club’s Apprentice Manager Sophie Hayter, Inspiro Learning’s Stephanie Webb, and a panel of apprentices will help you be the difference.


Sophie Hayter

Apprenticeships Manager, N Family Club

Sophie's career in early years education spans over thirty years – starting out as an educator before retraining to be a lecturer teaching early years qualifications. She now manages apprenticeships at N, and will be discussing how our program works and all the opportunities that are available.

Stephanie Webb

National Account Manager, Inspiro Learning

Stephanie will be joining our panel to share her thoughts on why apprenticeships, and specifically early years apprenticeships, are a great option versus other educational pathways.


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