The magic of apprenticeships with Simone Carter, N’s Managing Director

In 2023, I was so proud that N Family Club achieved 51st place on the Department for Education’s Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers list, and launched our dedicated over 50’s apprenticeship received coverage from the BBC, Forbes & the Sunday Times.

We’re hugely passionate about advocating for apprenticeships within the early years sector, with programmes designed not just for those starting their careers in the world of education, but also for those looking to reignite their passion for the sector or to take the next step in their
leadership journey.

It’s really personal for me, as I started a Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship in October 2022 – a programme that recognises an ability to deliver positive impact, behave ethically, and demonstrate commitment to continual learning and development.

Having started my career in early years in 1994, by the date of my End Point Assessment my early years career had spanned almost 30 years!
I can honestly say that I have had every role at a nursery. From Room Manager of a baby room, to temporary Chef, Marketing Manager, and Housekeeping…I have tried everything! At this stage in a career, you could make the assumption that an apprenticeship isn’t for you, but in reality apprenticeships are not as one dimensional as being something for beginners. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn on the job, whether you are looking to get back into a particular sector, or whether like me you’re looking for that stretch and to challenge yourself to be the best leader you can be, an apprenticeship can offer that.

My vision is to have a bold and brave team that delivers great results, in their own way. This is still my vision today and it is so important in early years – we are the people inspiring and developing the next generation of learners and leaders – and we need to role model boldness and bravery in an ever-changing world. I have seen how learning on the job, from colleagues and from repeat experiences, allows team members to really thrive and in turn create truly outstanding learning experiences for children, go beyond for families, and develop a play as a team ethos.

I completed my Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship in October 2022 and was so pleased to have successfully demonstrated my competence in operational strategy, building collaborative relationships, project management and communication. My apprenticeship really did give me Skills for Life! For 30 years, I have worked to develop and supporting high-performing teams to create both high standards of
care for children, and strong partnerships with families. I am seeing all of this come to life at N Family Club, and with my apprenticeship I feel extremely well-equipped to continue. Yes, you can begin your career as an apprentice and this is a fantastic way to kick start your
success, but you can equally benefit from apprenticeships and the Skills for Life they offer throughout your career, even as a Managing Director. I truly believe that they are the future of our early years sector.”

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